Environmental protection is not new territory for Yamato. Our machines have been developed and built with a conscious perspective for years. In doing so, we focus our activities on four main areas:

  • Machine series
  • Environmental efficiency during the exploitation of the machines
  • Customer service at Yamato
  • Processes and logistics

Machine series

Already during the development of the individual scale series, our research and development department deals with the ecological aspects of the practical use of the machines. For example, the concept of the semi-automatic multihead weigher is designed, among other things, to weigh large-format and “difficult” products in an environmentally friendly way. In particular, the scales can be used for high-value products such as meat or meat substitutes – and do so in a very resource-saving and -efficient way.

 Customer service at Yamato

In the area of customer service, too, for years we have been organising our activities with environmental considerations in mind. Service interventions are fundamentally reconsidered, as we first try to solve technical defects by remote maintenance. To this end, we have built up the necessary infrastructure and trained our staff. In addition to the usual security access directly to the control of the customer’s machine, we offer extensive telephone consultations as well as the use of modern tools of communication, such as virtual glasses for a look over the shoulder. Every trip to the customer that can be avoided is a contribution to climate protection.

Environmental efficiency during the exploitation of the machines.

All our machine lines are characterised by reduced energy consumption. We are particularly proud of our Premium OMEGA series, which have 60% reduced energy consumption. We experience again and again that exactly this feature is the decisive argument for the customers’ decision to buy. Furthermore, the cleaning of the multihead weighers requires reduced water consumption due to the easy removal of the buckets and product chutes. The accuracy and reliability of the multihead weigher reduces finished packages with incorrect weight and avoids waste of food and packaging material.

Processes and logistics

We also changed our business processes years ago and established them on an environmentally friendly way. Starting with the paperless office, to remote meetings and the careful use of office materials – just to name a few.
In the area of logistics, we have consistently switched to environmentally friendly products for all shipping materials. This includes biodegradable shipping packaging with accurate labelling of its composition as well as reusable shipping boxes and precise recycling.

Environmental protection starts small.
The sum of all small improvements contributes significantly to achieving the big goals of combating climate change. It affects each and every one of us, both as a company and as employees.


Dr. Blagovesta Lohwasser

Marketing Manager 

“Making processes environmentally friendly is a continuous process that requires the personal commitment of each and every one of us. It is about adequately designing production processes and supply chains without jeopardising the economic efficiency of the industry. Only accelerated action can counteract the progress of climate change.”


These considerations are based on more than 17 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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