The Interpack 2023 was a great success!

Thank you for visiting us at the Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany!

From May 4-10, 2023, Yamato Scale was present at the Interpack in Hall 6 booth C27.

After a long 6-year break, Yamato’s team of experts was delighted to meet up again with all friends and friends-to-be of the Yamato family. We were honored to be able to welcome key business partners from 93 countries at our booth.

Our visitors were able to experience the Yamato difference live and in action at the global trendsetting trade show for packaging materials, packaging machines, and related process technologies. All local and global players in the food, non-food, and industrial goods sectors were shown first-hand that Yamato has a solution to fit their needs. Dry and free-flowing, wet and sticky, frozen, fragile, in bulk, or challenging to handle – whatever your product, Yamato has the technology that will optimize the efficiency of your packaging line.

We thank you all for your visit and look forward to seeing you again in Düsseldorf in 2026!

Mehrkopfwaage, Wiegen, Abfüllen, Verpacken

Yamato Scale OMEGA
Multihead weighers
at the pinnacle of technology

What was on display

  • ADW-O-0612M

The OMEGA ADW-O-0612M belongs to our packer scale line. The special feature of this machine is its configuration, because it is designed in a dataweigh style. It is suitable for weighing and filling weights in the range of 8 g. to 2000 g. with a maximum volume of 6000 ml. and speed of up to 2 x 200 wpm.. The OMEGA ADW-O-612M meets a high hygienic standard and belongs to the protection class IP67.


  • ADW-O-0132M

The OMEGA ADW-O-0132M is our multihead weigher for high-speed applications. What makes this machine special is the number of buckets, which allows a large number of product combinations. Such advanced design makes the scale faster and more accurate.

This special design contains two different surface textures. The surfaces that are crucial for the flowing conveyance of the product have the so-called Yamato Dimple texture. This texture prevents the product from sticking and enables the product to be processed.

A combination of different surfaces and textures can also be used to cater to individual specification needs.

The OMEGA ADW-O-0132M multihead weigher can be used for product mixtures as well as for mono-products. Typical applications are:

– For high-speed outputs

– For up to 6-8 mixtures: trail mix, snacks, etc.

– For up to 6 collecting buckets

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  • ADW-E-0114SL

The EPSILON ADW-E-0114SL focuses on applications for small target weights with a high speed. The weigher is especially in demand for weighing and packaging cannabis.

The machine features advanced software and reliable hardware to ensure perfect results.


  • ADW-E-0114ST

The EPSILON ADW-E-0114ST has been specially developed for the weighing and packing of stick-shaped products. These can be, among others: salted pretzel sticks, fresh vegetable sticks, sausage snack sticks, dog chew sticks, and many others.

This multihead weigher is characterised by the special shape of its hardware. The feed buckets, the weigh buckets and the collection chutes are shaped like narrow tubes to align the product. This prevents the sticks from being jammed and damaged. The scale is equipped with an advanced orientation device. This way, the weighed goods are correctly sorted before being transferred into the bag.

This machine offers a groundbreaking solution for handling stick-shaped goods.


  • ADW-E-1016S

The EPSILON ADW-E-1016S is our multihead weigher for larger product portions. The version presented at the fair has a dimple surface that can also handle sticky products such as frozen vegetables, French fries, or dried fruit.

We will also show the implemented multicheck system to detect contamination in your product. The combination of a multihead weigher and a multicheck detection system ensures maximum reliability and quality of your product.


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Yamato is well known for its advanced checkweighers.

At the Interpack you can see four checkweighers of our Premium I-Series. The compilation shows machines in different sizes that illustrate the flexibility of our portfolio.

  • CSI22LMW-3MFXC with metal detector
  • CSI06LW-00
  • CSI22LW-00
  • CSI33LW-00

With these Yamato checkweighers, you will achieve the highest level of quality for your production in terms of:

  • Weight – each package has the correct weight, legal requirements are strictly adhered to.
  • Contamination – your product is free from any contamination. Any suspicious packaging is removed. Finally, you protect the positive image of your brand.

Another important point is the monitoring of your production data. All Yamato checkweighers can be connected to your operator’s PC. You can see our Smart Factory application on the show. All data generated in production is displayed there and is available for reports and analyses.

We will have the opportunity later to see exactly how it works.

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Semi-Automatic Weighers

The Yamato weighers of the TSD-N3 Series are the perfect weighing solution for „challenging“ products, which need to be packaged at fixed weights for the supermarket shelves.

You will see a weighing and packing line for processing grapes with Mitsuhashi tray feeders and Fuji horizontal form-fill-sealers.

This space-saving solution is ideal for fixed weight packaging where items are irregular in size and shape, are sticky, and where an element of manual control needs to be retained. With minimal drops on the conveyors, the TSD-N3 is perfectly suited for fragile products that can’t withstand the height drop normally associated with automatic radial combination scales. Furthermore, its compact design and standard casters make it easy to move or relocate.

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The Packer Scale GFW is Yamato’s latest development.

It is a symbiosis of the outstanding “Fixed-Weight-Weighing” technology (that is related to the Automatic Sales) and the Cut-Gate feeder (from our Industrial Scale technology).

One of the machine’s features is its high accuracy [±0.1%] with high speed [60wpm] at a target weight up to 5kg.

Suitable applications are constant naturally flowing materials, such as grain, rice, pet food, and resin pellet.

The Packer Scale GFW has already attracted the interest of many customers worldwide and will revolutionise the future of weighing and packaging.

Successful alliance with renowned companies

Yamato multihead weighers were also presented at the booths of the following partners.

Visitors had the unique opportunity to witness how Yamato multihead weighers are combined with packaging machines in a wide range of applications.

Yamato Partner Yamato Weigher Booth number
ICA S.p.A. EPSILON ADW-E-0514S Hall 5 Booth B05
Mondial Pack S.r.l. ALPHA Advance ADW-A-0114S Hall 11 Booth C19
tna solutions Pty. Ltd. OMEGA ADW-O-0314S Hall 14 Booth C56-D56
Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH ALPHA Advance ADW-A-0314S Hall 6 Booth C31
Focke & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG) ALPHA Advance ADW-A-0314S Hall 11 Booth A56
Thürlings Verpackungsmaschinen ALPHA Advance ADW-A-0314S Hall 5 Booth F23