Optimising the performance of a packaging line

Yamato Scale multihead weighers offer a range of technological applications to increase the productivity of your weighing and packaging process. These include various functions based on technological advances in software and hardware.

The use of these applications will bring you flexibility, increased productivity, improvement in your packaging, and more satisfied customers.

OMEGA Series



The Features of the Frontier Multihead Weigher

The multihead weighers with a Frontier application achieve a significant increase in productivity. Depending on the model, these machines can reach a working speed of 600 weighments per minute and can be equipped with multiple outlets of up to 6 points.

Yamato Scale offers scale executions with up to 6-point product outlets. In combination with the Frontier technology, a multihead weigher with multiple outlets achieves a performance that would otherwise only be possible with a larger scale. The solution is cost-effective and space-saving.

By alternately opening and closing the bucket doors, the product is discharged alternately once into the inner and once into the outer collecting tray. This increases the distance between the drops. The product has sufficient time to gather in the collection bucket before being discharged compactly into the bag. The advantages are increased productivity as well as clean and tight sealing seams.

The Function of the Frontier Multihead Weighers

The Frontier equipment of the multihead weigher pertains to both software and hardware levels. The doors of the weigh buckets are controlled separately and open in two directions. The machine is equipped with two collating chutes: inner and outer. The weigh buckets discharge the product by alternating left and right.

The weighed product thus passes alternately first into the inner, then into the outer collating chute.

The window between the individual product discharges is increased. The product has twice the time to gather in the collection bucket before being discharged compactly to the next machine. This improves the product window and achieves a higher production speed.

Yamato Multihead Weighers for Frontier Application

Yamato offers multihead weighers for a Frontier application in all multihead weigher categories. In the following table you will find information about the models and their design and performance.

Multihead weigher seriesModelWeighing headsTarget weight (g) single dischargeVolume up to (ml) single dischargeUp to weighments per min. single dischargeUp to weighments per min. multipoint dischargeProtection classMaximum number of discharge points
OMEGA Series  
ADW-O-0114F144 – 5001,0001802 x 90IP672
ADW-O-0120F204 – 5001,0002703 x 90IP673
ADW-O-0128F284 – 5001,0003604 x 90IP674
ADW-O-0132F324 – 5001,0005406 x 90IP676
ADW-O-0314F148 – 1,0003,0001602 x 80IP672
ADW-O-0320F208 – 1,0003,0002403 x 80IP673
ADW-O-0614F148 – 1,0006,0001502 x 75IP672
 EPSILON SeriesADW-E-0618F1820 – 2,0006,0001802 x 75IP662
 ALPHA Advance Series ADW-A-0114F144 – 5001,0001402 x 70IP542
ADW-A-0314F148 – 1,0003,0001202 x 60IP542

The above-mentioned parameters are based on our applications experiences and have to be tested in advance using the original product.

Yamato Scale multihead weigher portfolio

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Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“We are very proud that Yamato has revolutionised the performance of a multihead weigher. The production enhancement applications are our invention and reflect our innovativeness. Our ambition is to help you find the right machine configuration to optimise your packaging process through expert advice.”


These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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