Which multihead weigher do you need for the packaging of wrapped sweets?

Each product has its own unique characteristics, and these have to be kept in mind during the designing of the product’s packaging. As an established manufacturer of dosing weighers, Yamato Scale provides the optimal multihead weigher for virtually any product. The correct configuration of a dosing scale – mechanical as well as electronic – has a decisive influence on its productivity.

Our most important tips for the weighing and packaging of wrapped candy.

The weighing of wrapped candy can be achieved with a somewhat simpler multihead weigher. The following is important to keep in mind here:

  • Do not underestimate the weighing of this product. Even if wrapped candy does not seem to present a great challenge at first, remember “The devil is in the detail”.
  • Provide an adequate feeding of the product. This can be achieved with a programmable vibrating top cone with a separate load cell. The communication between this load cell and the line’s computer ensures the optimal control of the conveyor belts.
  • Make sure that the machine parts coming into contact with the product have the correct shape and inclination. This will determine the speed of the weighing process.
  • The quality and the price-performance ratio of the weigher should be kept in mind with this type of application. Simple maintenance and the operating performance are essential. One of the best multihead weighers for the weighing of wrapped candy is Yamato Scale’s ADW-A0314S belonging to the ALPHA Advance series. Very versatile, it can be adapted with very little effort for the processing of many further products.

And here is our final and most important tip. It applies to all applications of multihead weighers.

Before making an investment decision, be sure to test the weighing of your original product in a realtime setting. The characteristics of the product have to be analyzed in order for a correct configuration of the weigher to be made possible.

Moreover, we will offer you a comprehensive consultation while designing your ideal multihead weigher in joint cooperation with you. This service offered to you by Yamato Scale is not binding.

Do not forget: only the choice of the RIGHT multihead weigher guarantees you an optimal packaging process!

Multihead weigher ALPHA Advance

Yamato ALPHA Advance series multihead weigher, ADW-A-0314S | An affordable solution for the weighing and packaging of sweets

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