Which multihead weigher do you need for the packaging of marshmallows?

Each product has its own unique characteristics, and these have to be kept in mind during the designing of the product’s packaging. As an established manufacturer of dosing weighers, Yamato Scale provides the optimal multihead weigher for virtually any product. The correct configuration of a dosing scale – mechanical as well as electronic – has a decisive influence on its productivity.

Our most important tips for the weighing and packaging of marshmallows.

For the weighing of marshmallows, we suggest the following:

  • Ensure a controlled feeding of the product. The performance of the conveyor belts must be coordinated with the performance of the machine in order to avoid an over- or an under-supply of product, for both can impact the smooth running of your production process. This calls for a vibrating top cone with separate load cell which captures the exact amount of product and transmits this information to the multihead weigher’s central computer.
  • Make sure that the marshmallows are evenly dispersed and do not continue to roll on due to their shape and volume. So-called “lips” should be attached to the linear feeders to guarantee a gentle steering of the product.
  • Very fresh marshmallows can easily become entangled or deformed during discharge. To avoid this, the collating chutes should only have a slight inclination and should be equipped with an added feature that “sorts” the product.
  • The subsequent transportation of the marshmallows on their way to the bag should take place equally carefully. The control of the feeding of the product to the scale is crucial. The flow of product should be constant and steady. The marshmallows should be separated to ensure the suitable filling of the feed buckets.
  • In this case we recommend Yamato Scale’s ADW-F514SV, a multihead weigher from the well established SIGMA F1 Frontier series featuring 2 alternately inside opening discharge gates filling into one forming tube.

And here is our final and most important tip. It applies to all applications of multihead weighers.

Before making an investment decision, be sure to test the weighing of your original product in a realtime setting. The characteristics of the product have to be analyzed in order for a correct configuration of the weigher to be made possible.

Moreover, we will offer you a comprehensive consultation while designing your ideal multihead weigher in joint cooperation with you. This service offered to you by Yamato Scale is not binding.

Do not forget: only the choice of the RIGHT multihead weigher guarantees you an optimal packaging process!

Multihead weigher Sigma

Yamato SIGMA series multihead weigher, ADW-F514SVS | An established solution for the high-speed weighing and packaging of virtually any type of confectionery. The outstanding performance is achieved with a 2-point discharge.

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