A webcam for more effective process monitoring

Looking for better control of your production process? A webcam is your answer!

Effective process monitoring

Do you know how you can easily gain continuous insight into your entire packaging process while saving resources? Yamato Scale offers a simple yet effective solution for monitoring your production processes.

Keep on top of things

A webcam, integrated at the crucial points of your packaging line, enables your employees to react quickly to malfunctions. These can be immediately identified and quickly remedied by means of image transmission.

Quick elimination of disruptions

The cause for an interruption of the packaging process is rarely related to the function of the machines. The problems are caused by an irregular product flow. Webcams positioned at key points help you to react within the shortest possible time, thereby allowing the packaging process to continue smoothly.


Depending on the process, any number of webcams can of course be attached. The monitoring of all webcams can be set to one monitor.

IPC In Production

Splitting the monitor allows image transmission from several webcams simultaneously.

IPC Original

Yamato Scale supplies software and hardware of the highest quality.

Manfred Retusch

Assembly and adjustments are carried out by our competent and friendly service engineers.

Patrick Coursier

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

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«Our consulting team comprises experienced technicians and competent members of our Service Team, all readily available to advise you on the benefits of a webcam.

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